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Elizabeth Heiskell (Partner- Chef, Special Events & Catering, Mom)

Elizabeth Gourlay Heiskell was born and raised in the Mississippi Delta, an agricultural area bordered by theMississippi River where food and fun go hand in hand. 

She is the Lead Culinary Instructor at the Viking Cooking School in nearby Greenwood, world headquarters of the Viking Range Corporation. Perhaps one of her proudest accomplishments, besides putting up with Luke and rearing their 3 daughters Stott, Mary Paxton & Lucia, is the publication of her first cookbook titled Somebody Stole The Cornbread From My DressingA Hilarious Comparison of the North and the South Through Stories and Recipes  - currently available in bookstores as well as on Amazon. 

Elizabeth is responsible for the development of all cooking & canning classes, special events and catering operations for Woodson Ridge Farms.

Luke Heiskell (Partner- Farm Operations)

Luke grew up in the Miss Delta raising cotton corn and soybeans with his step-father, Mike Mills. He and Elizabeth are happy to be in Oxford raising vegetables and 3 daughters. Luke manages the farming operation and day to day business of the farm.

Aaron Reese (Sales )

Aaron Reese manages sales for the farm in Memphis. 

Local Produce Club/CSA Member Dinner on 5/17/2015March 22nd, 2015

2015 Local Produce Club/CSA Registration now open!February 27th, 2015

Registration is now available on-line for Woodson Ride Farms' 2015 Local Produce Club/CSA.  Sign up today for weekly delivery of farm fresh vegetable, herbs and even flowers!   The farm is o

Whiskey Dinner @ Woodson Ridge Farms on 10/17/2014October 6th, 2014

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"The weather is still like spring, clear and warm, and young silver leaves in all the trees. Golly, I miss the hills and fruit trees and things now. Think of all that grand country to walk and ride through, and yet folks will make their homes in a city! I feel like now I'd like to build me a log cabin out on Woodson Ridge and just set." - William Faulkner in a letter home to his mother,  March 8, 1925

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