Date Uploaded Description Filesize
8/19/2015 Purslane Quesadillas.pdf 0.30 MB
7/15/2015 Open-faced BLTs.pdf 0.31 MB
7/7/2015 Roasted Eggplant Dip.pdf 0.30 MB
7/7/2015 Corn Salad pdf.pdf 0.31 MB
7/1/2015 Panzanella pdf.pdf 0.31 MB
7/1/2015 Ratatouille pdf.pdf 0.31 MB
6/24/2015 Tomatoe pie pdf.pdf 0.31 MB
6/17/2015 Pimento and Cheese pdf.pdf 0.31 MB
6/17/2015 Fried Green Tomatoes Topped with Pimento and Cheese.pdf 0.31 MB
6/10/2015 Stuffed Pattypan and Eight.pdf 0.31 MB
6/10/2015 Shaved Carrot Salad.pdf 0.30 MB
6/3/2015 Roasted Carrots with Honey and Goat Cheese.pdf 0.31 MB
5/27/2015 Marinated French beans.pdf 0.07 MB
5/20/2015 Broccoli and Kale Detox Soup.pdf 0.06 MB
5/20/2015 Spring Onion and Bacon Savory Bread Pudding.pdf 0.06 MB
5/12/2015 Skillet Potatoes with Hon Tsai Tai.pdf 0.06 MB
5/6/2015 Spring New Potato Salad.pdf 0.07 MB
5/5/2015 Debutante Farmer Salad Dressing.pdf 0.07 MB
4/22/2015 Quinoa Kale Arugula and Mint Salad word.docx 0.84 MB

2015 Local Produce Club/CSAJuly 26th, 2015

2015 Local Produce Club/CSA Shares available Sign up today to enjoy seasonal, fresh, local vegetables, fruit, flowers and herbs on your dinner table each week, while supporting local, sustainable agri

Farm to TableJuly 6th, 2015

Tomato Dinner Time! Join us on Saturday July 18th at 7:00 p.m. for the Tomato Dinner.  See below invitation for details. For reservations contact or 601.316.

Tomato Dinner July 18thJuly 6th, 2015

Please join us at the farm for this fun and food filled evening!

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"The weather is still like spring, clear and warm, and young silver leaves in all the trees. Golly, I miss the hills and fruit trees and things now. Think of all that grand country to walk and ride through, and yet folks will make their homes in a city! I feel like now I'd like to build me a log cabin out on Woodson Ridge and just set." - William Faulkner in a letter home to his mother,  March 8, 1925

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