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Big Easy Brunch, Sunday, October 18, 2015

Come and enjoy Sunday brunch created by four notable New Orleans chefs!  Details below. 



Barn Dance and Dinner, Friday, October 23

Looking for something to do or somewhere to take out-of-town football guests on October 23rd?  Look no further!  Join us at Woodson Ridge Farms for a fun evening featuring a buffet dinner, music by Mighty Souls Brass Band and a guaranteed good time!  Cost is $50/person.  (BYOB)



General Event InformationMarch 20th, 2017

Interested in having an event on the farm? Please contact one of the following for assistance: For Barn rental please call George Gates at 901-834-5882  for catering c

FAQsMarch 20th, 2017

April 25th Event at Woodson Ridge Farms!April 6th, 2016

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"The weather is still like spring, clear and warm, and young silver leaves in all the trees. Golly, I miss the hills and fruit trees and things now. Think of all that grand country to walk and ride through, and yet folks will make their homes in a city! I feel like now I'd like to build me a log cabin out on Woodson Ridge and just set." - William Faulkner in a letter home to his mother,  March 8, 1925

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