Welcome to Woodson Ridge Farms!

We are an Oxford, MS based farm providing fresh, local produce to chefs, restaurants and families in the surrounding community. Woodson Ridge Farms; We Grow for You.


  Woodson Ridge Farms also hosts         parties and events at our barn                        on the farm!

            Elizabeth Heiskell Catering can take care of all your party needs                                           here at the farm or at other venues too!

For Catering please contact one of the following

Elizabeth Heiskell at 662-719-7409  elizabeth@elizabethheiskell.com 

Sarah Virden Gillis 662-889-3005  sarahvirden@elizabethheiskell.com

Kimsey King @ 706-202-5724     kimsey@elizabethheiskell.com 

For Catering please contact 

Elizabeth Heiskell at 662-719-7409  elizabeth@elizabethheiskell.com 

Sarah Virden Gillis 662-889-3005  sarahvirden@elizabethheiskell.com

Kimsey King @ 706-202-5724     kimsey@elizabethheiskell.com 








2015 CSA Shares available!

Spring, Summer and Winter Produce
For 2015 we will have three 10 week seasons as follows

Spring 2015- April 22- June 24

Summer 2015-  July 1- Sept 2

Fall 2015-  Sept 9- Nov11



 Enjoy 3 seasons of fresh, local vegetables, fruit, flowers and herbs on your dinner table this year with a Woodson Ridge Farms CSA Share.
Support local, sustainable agriculture in your neighborhood.  

Distribution locations in Oxford on our beautiful farm and in two locations in Memphis, TN

 For more information about our CSA, please contact

Luke Heiskell 


Luke and Elizabeth Heiskell

The weather is still like spring, clear and warm, and young silver leaves in all the trees. Golly, I miss the hills and fruit trees and things now. Think of all that grand country to walk and ride through, and yet folks will make their homes in a city! I feel like now I'd like to build me a log cabin out on Woodson Ridge and just set." - William Faulkner in a letter home to his mother,  March 8, 1925

Mr. Faulkner recognized the pastoral beauty of Woodson Ridge, and we’re proud to carry on that sentiment today. Rather than building a log cabin and just setting, we’ve chosen to sow seeds in some of the richest soil in Lafayette County, MS.

It is the Mission of Woodson Ridge Farms to bring fresh, local vegetables to the kitchens of conscientious chefs and families in our surrounding communities who make the effort and choice to provide healthier foods, help the environment, and support small farmers.   

Since we began working the earth in February of 2011, it has been our hope to make high quality, seasonal produce available to a previously under-served market. The demand has been here, and we’re pleased to change that landscape. We hope you will be as happy to receive it as we are to grow it for you.

From Arugula to Zucchini, we are supplying fresh, gorgeous vegetables to you. If we don’t grow it, we try to source it as regionally as possible. Thank you, and please support ALL the local farmers every chance you get. Ask for local, the responsible and discerning restaurant owners, managers and chefs will listen. 

Thank you for visiting our website, and please come visit our farm out on Woodson Ridge. We believe, just as William Faulkner did, you’ll fall in love with it.

 Woodson Ridge Farms Team



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