110 County Rd 2068, Oxford, MS 38655 Google Map 662-719-5305 for Luke
For catering inquiries call Elizabeth at 662-719-7409

Welcome to Woodson Ridge Farms, where it's our mission to bring fresh, local vegetables to the kitchens of conscientious chefs at the finest local and regional restaurants, in Oxford, Tupelo, Memphis and Nashville, TN. 

If you have a restaurant and would like to purchase vegetables please contact Aaron Reese at aaron@woodsonridgefarms.com or Luke Heiskell at luke@woodsonridgefarms.com  

Farm Dinners

We also have wonderful Farm to Table events and dinners at our barn.  If you would like to have an event at our farm, or are wishing to learn more about Elizabeth Heiskell Catering,

please contact Elizabeth Heiskell at 662-719-7409 or elizabeth@elizabethheiskell.com

or Sara Virden at 662-889-3005 or saravirden@elizabethheiskell.com  

General Event Information

February 15th, 2016

Interested in having an event on our farm? Please contact one of the following for assistance:Elizabeth Heiskell at 662-719-7409  elizabeth@elizabethheiskell.com Sarah Virden Gillis 662-889-3005&

Elizabeth Heiskell and Her Pillowcase Turkey to be Featured on NBC Today Show!

November 21st, 2015

Tune in to the NBC Today Show on Monday, November, 23 during the 8:00 hour to see our very own Elizabeth Heiskell live! Elizabeth has been invited to live out her dream of appearing on the show. She w


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For catering inquiries call Elizabeth at 662-719-7409

"The weather is still like spring, clear and warm, and young silver leaves in all the trees. Golly, I miss the hills and fruit trees and things now. Think of all that grand country to walk and ride through, and yet folks will make their homes in a city! I feel like now I'd like to build me a log cabin out on Woodson Ridge and just set." - William Faulkner in a letter home to his mother,  March 8, 1925

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